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Finally - a better way to lubricate a bike chain.

LFD Licenses No-Drip Chain Luber to Finish Line

MENLO PARK, CA, January 23, 2013 - Left Field Design, LLC has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Finish Line Technologies, Inc. to manufacture, sell and distribute the No-Drip Chain Luber as a Finish Line branded product.  The first production run is expected to ship in March.  Click here for more information.

Random Products Part Three - Interbike 2012:

"Don't get me wrong this stuff is good , but it's the same old shit on a different day!"

"Except for the chain lube applicator....that will revolutionize the industry!"

                                                                                           Patent Pending
"What you never thought you needed, straight out of Left Field"

"It’s a lube container that makes the regular task of lubing the chain easier, neater and with less waste."
"Many of us hate this one small bike maintenance step as it is time consuming and messy, not to mention possibly dangerous if you spill lube on your tire rims. Enter local Bay Area designer Richard Singer who created a brilliant little device that makes it quick and easy to lube your chain, mess free."
"New bikes and components are great, but sometimes it's the little things that are the most interesting, especially when you wish that you had thought of it yourself. This is the case with Left Field Design's No-Drip Chain Luber, a clever little unit that could be one of the more practical items at the show."

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