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Applicator for drive chain liquid dispensing

US 8,757,325

Apparatus, system, and method for cooling devices containing multiple components

US 10,477,728 B2


Computer card ejector with latch

US 9,766,667 B1


Compact pocket organizer for keys, cards, currency and tools

US 9,826,810

Apparatus and method for directing airflow in three dimensions to cool system components

US 6,459,579

Cable management system for a computer

US 5,957,556

Resilient panel for housing a machine

US 5,897,180

Rack and pinion retaining and release device for removable computer components

US 5,325,263

Retaining and release mechanism for computer storage devices including a pawl latch assembly

US 5,269,698

Retaining means for removable computer drive and release means for same

US 4,960,384

Infrared thermometer with automatic calibration

US 4,784,149

Housing for an unsolicited call blocking device

US D529,034

Housing for a computer

US D393,449

Housing for desk side computer

US D393,249

Electromagnetic shield for attachment to computers

US D337,323


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