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While at SGI, I was responsible for the mechanical design and ID of the Origin 2000 scalable computer systems larger than eight processors. The modular design - code named "Lego" - scaled to 1024 processors, using eight-processor deskside workstations cabled together as building-blocks for incrementally greater computing power. The product design conveyed modularity, scalability, and - what was at the time - unique complex surfacing capabilities of the underlying machine.

The Origin 2000 deskside workstation
Deskside workstation, without skins
Extruded aluminum structural frame
Detail view of structural frame
32-processor system w/exposed cables
32-processor system
detail view: disk array
128-processor system

Shown below: a wide angle view of the ASCI Blue Mountain system in Los Alamos National Laboratory

Building-block supercomputer

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